We are NOT attorneys or associated with the Social Security Administration. We ARE individuals with over a decade of experience helping hundreds of people prepare for and apply to the Social Security Administration for disability.

More than 70% of people who apply on their own are rejected for permanent disability through social security. Most people do not prepare for their filing that leads to denial. We help you in the following areas:

  • How to prepare your information
  • How to obtain and clarify your medical records
  • Work with you and your physician in most cases to obtain other medical records that increase your chance of approval
  • Guide you through the submission process and how to tell your story in a logical, chronological and concise method
  • Guide you through the paperwork processes after you submit online

After you fill out our online form by clicking here, we assess whether we feel you have a strong chance of approval. If so, we then contact you and explain our process, our fees, etc. There are NO upfront fees. Expenses and fees will be explained if we contact you. If we feel your case is not strong enough and we can’t help, we will notify you and recommend further actions you should take to increase your chances of approval.

We look forward to your form submission. Click here!